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Code of Conduct

Internal regulations :

The Member declares to adhere without restriction or reservation to the rules of safety and hygiene. He/she agrees to respect the following rules, among others

  • Wear specific and clean sports clothing and shoes.

  • Use a towel on the equipment and clean his place and his equipment after use.

  • To behave in a pleasant and respectful manner towards other members and staff of FitNest.


Checkrooms & lockers : Individual lockers are available to members, who must leave their personal belongings there during their training. Their use is limited to the duration of the session. The Company will open and empty the lockers of any Member not present on the club premises.

Lost or stolen items : The Company declines all responsibility for loss or theft of personal belongings, even if locked in a locker.

Use of the facility : The room can only be used for sports training. No other activity whatsoever will be tolerated, under penalty of punishment. For example, it is forbidden to sleep or to linger in the room after the training session. The use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances is prohibited. You may not work out while intoxicated. No commercial activity or paid services are permitted in the gym.

Access and security conditions : The room is only authorized to members and only for sessions supervised by our personal trainer. It is therefore mandatory to make an appointment. The Member accepts that the gym is placed under video surveillance. The recorded data are archived for 7 days and are then automatically deleted. The Member agrees not to give access to the gym to another member or to any other person.

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