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New at FitNest: Cardio Boxing

Cardio Boxing & Fit Boxing

This discipline, which comes from the United States, is based on kick-boxing, English boxing, Thai boxing, martial arts, fitness and aerobics movements.

The objective of these sessions is not to work on your fighting or self defense technique but to develop muscle tone, explosive strength, cardiovascular power, balance, range of motion and posture.

Cardio Boxing or Fit Boxing allows a high energy expenditure (600 calories/hour on average) improves your cognitive abilities and reduces stress by releasing a high amount of dopamine (the pleasure hormone). This fits perfectly with the FitNest mindset because our goal is for you to be the best version of yourself, day after day, and to feel as good in your body as you do in your mind.

In just one session, you will have released all the stress accumulated during your day. And to combine effort with pleasure, our coaches organize the sessions in a dynamic and motivating sound and light environment.

An explosive way to get back in shape!

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