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Yoga at home

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a traditional yoga born in India. It is a dynamic and powerful yoga which is characterized by a technique of abdominal breathing, by codified postures which follow one another with specific transitions. It is also a yoga that combines strength, flexibility, fluidity, balance and that allows to work in depth so that the posture brings well-being.

There are six series in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and they are accessible according to the experience acquired in the practice. Ingrid teaches the Primary Series with a contemporary approach, correcting and adjusting yogis. Her teaching is based on exploration and experimentation while respecting the fundamentals of the discipline. One may want to practice yoga to complement another sport (running, surfing, ...), to stretch, to soften, to strengthen, to gain balance and concentration or simply out of curiosity for the discipline. In private classes, take advantage of Ingrid's experience to practice Ashtanga at home or to develop a "tailor-made" yoga class according to your desires.

Where? Luxembourg city and its periphery


Price for one person = € 100.

Price two persons = € 175.

Price three persons = € 225.

Price four persons = € 250.

What should you prepare?

- A yoga mat that does not slip.

- Comfortable, soft clothing.

- A free surface of approximately 2.5 m by 2 m for each participant.

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